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The Restaurant page has been a long time coming.  Time spent improving the rest of the site should provide a great basis to work quickly now!

The content is not ready for detailed comment/critique yet, but please tell me if you have fundamental concerns!

The notes on this page should help explain things…


  • Please view on a PC/laptop if possible; I haven’t reviewed settings for tablet/phone yet
  • Links will open in a new page so you keep these notes open for reference

notes on styling

The page currently reflects the initial design put together some months ago.

The page uses the palette and fonts from the Winslade Park site, to maintain consistency. The fonts in the dual headers have been reversed and I have added three colours from a tetradic based on the pale green, used in the header. The additional colours are used in the featured grid listing at the bottom of the restaurant section (explained further below).

I have edited the logo, which I appreciate may not be acceptable. The header becomes unbalanced when the round logo used with the Winslade Park logo. See right.

An alternative will be to have the Restaurant logo in the centre, Winslade Park left, and menu (via hamburger icon) right (similar to the Number 6 page). 

The menu will evolve as other elements are added. At the moment navigation is to sections of the main restaurant page.

The current header…

With round logo; note balance and how small text around logo becomes..


The listing grid is designed to allow you to promote and/or present up to 6 events and informational items, in two distinct ways.

It is dynamic and can be easily configured and re-configured, by one of your team (or by me on your behalf). Configuration options include content and background colours/images.

Each box in the 3×2 grid can be configured to provide:

  • Either, a call to action link to more information (currently the links work but the information has not been formatted),
  • Or, a hyperlink to display a menu or other PDF document,
  • Or, a placeholder image or logo box (as shown in positions 2 and 5).



Hopefully you are reasonably happy with the start made. Over the next 24-48 hours I will:

  • Develop templates for events and informational posts.
  • Create place-holder entries for the events and informational posts, including for example:
    • Valentines Day
    • Our Menus
    • Brunch and Sunday Lunch
    • Lounge and Lawn
    • Our Cocktails
    • About Us
    • etc
  • Integrate pop-up contact forms.
  • Replace place-holder text based on copy you’ve provided.
  • Integrate an image gallery with light-box.

This will allow you to properly judge how well the site can deliver the information and functions required, adjust that as necessary, then refine the look and feel.

If it helps (e.g. to see widescreen layout on a narrow screen device) you can access a PDF with the entire page using the button below.


Please provide feedback on the home page. Just press SEND once form is complete:

Issue 3 - Number 6

The Number 6 area of the live site stands apart from the main site content, reflecting the Number 6 brand intended to appeal to a broad clientele, in particular women. 

The palette, header and menu are unique to Number 6. Tom and Jess have received positive feedback, but feedback from Brand Spanking suggested the difference was confusing.

If Number 6 content is to remain integrated with the main site I believe there are three options:

  • No change
  • Modest change
  • Significant change

Option 1 - NO CHANGE

The first option is to retain the distinct feel of Number 6 as it is (image right). The only minor changes suggested are a small WP logo in the header and a margin around the hero image, but these can easily be reversed.

Option 2 - "MODEST" CHANGE

An option for modest change introduces a subtle version of the Winslade Park header when you land on the page, which disappears on scroll to leave a page largely the same as it is currently.

Option 3 - "Significant" CHANGE

Finally, this option is to re-brand the Number 6 content to achieve maximum consistency with the overall site in terms of palette and styling of buttons etc, but retaining the current Number 6 layout.

Note: The call to action items in the second section (shown in lower image are changed, but this is easily reversed.

Feedback 2

Please provide feedback on the options for Number 6…

Thank you for taking the time to review this and providing your feedback.