Jessica Johnson

Operations Manager

A bit about Jess…

Jess is a natural born organiser and looks after the day to day running of the studio, making sure everything is working as it should be. She has a background in sports tv media rights having worked across the UK and Sweden in the industry, but over the last few years has transitioned to working alongside Tom, first with Tom Johnson Lifestyle and now Number 6. Jess loves keeping up with the latest wellbeing trends, experimenting in the kitchen and teaching the importance of a positive body image for her two young daughters. She is your go-to if you need anything, have any feedback or just want to chat!

Q. Best advice on how to keep a healthy body and mind? 

Being the only member of the team who is not a qualified PT my approach is very emotionally based! I would say just to listen to your body and learn what is important for you. I personally find list-making of all my ‘to-do’s really helps me mentally de-load and in turn this helps me focus more mindful attention on good nutrition, nourishing myself and my family and having internal energy to move in a way I enjoy, which at the gym is strength training.  I have focussed on stretching and mobility recently too – I wish I had got on board with this earlier!

Q. What is your favourite place to replenish balance and a clear head?

Any of the Tors on Dartmoor, we as a family have really got into walking the last few years and I love the wide open expanse Dartmoor offers –  it’s really freeing. I find walking therapeutic as it shuts down all the open tabs in my mind and allows me to be fully present. Or any coastal walk as I am a sucker for a sea view, preferably with a good coffee at the end.

Q. What’s your favourite exercise and why? 

In a weird sort of way I do love a push up. Probably because I never thought I would be able to do a proper one, but as with any exercise I have found if you have some expert training and practice it does get easier. I also find it simple in terms of understanding the required technique – there is not too much to remember and I don’t have to triple check how to get set up/execute the move properly (hopefully I am doing them right!)

Q. What does exercise and training means to you?

It allows me time to myself away from the joyful chaos of everyday life! It also gives me a sense of accomplishment and resilience. Most importantly it’s a great opportunity to get my headphones in, turn the music up loud and zone out.

Q. What’s your favourite training song?

Currently, Freedom by Kygo or Start Me Up by Rolling Stones – I can’t choose between them!