Kelly Mcgurk

Personal Coach

A bit about Kelly…

Kelly is extremely passionate about the platform health and wellbeing can have on people’s lives, using the term “health is wealth” often. Kelly works with a wide range of clients, from 18-82 year olds, from marathon runners, to new mums, cancer remission and elite athletes. Kelly believes very much that her clients are a reflection of her brand; working with real people who have a passion for positivity.

Kelly’s wonderful demeanour shines through in everything she does and her aim is to help and support people; she herself has had quite a journey and intends to give everything back, from re-educating often, having an on-line platform and always being willing to have a chat, no matter what your goals or plans.

Q. What’s your best advice on how to keep a healthy mind and body?

Find something that works for you! Keep going until you do. I found running with a friend really helps me mentally and physically, on the flip side I also enjoy the therapeutic side of baking and cooking.

Q. Where is your favourite place to replenish balance and a clear head?

Either The Beach or Dartmoor. We are extremely lucky with where we live here in Devon and I find being out in nature really calming.

Q. Favourite exercise and why:

The Snatch, because it looks cool and when you get it spot on, it feels amazing!

Q. What does exercise and training mean to you?

Everything, I know that sounds soppy but exercise and training has been such a big part of my life always, from competitively weightlifting to competing at Crossfit locally and now doing some Marathons. Exercise is something that has grown with me, having had a severe eating disorder at the age of 14-19, I feel that exercise has grown with me as a person and taught me how to be responsible for my amazing body and what I ask it to do.

Q. Favourite gym song:

Tough, but I do love the spice girls!


  • Weightlifting
  • Endurance Coach (Running/Triathlon)
  • Exercise and Rehabilitation
  • Movement Correction
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle
  • Peri Menopausal and Menopausal Advice
  • Pre and Post Natal
  • Group Exercise
  • Online Programming
  • Wellbeing Coach
  • Mentor


  • BA Sports and Exercise Science
  • Level 5 Nutrition
  • Level 4 Pre and Post Natal
  • Children and Adolescence Strength and Conditioning
  • Level 3 Cancer and Exercise Remission Rehabilitation